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When I got married (an unspecified time ago), our wedding photographer showed me the album that she was offering at the time (ok, fine, it was circa 2006), and I cringed. It was for lack of a better description appeared to made out of cardboard. Even at 25 when my tastes had not quite had become as discerning as they are these days (audible snort heard from the sidelines), I was horrified and quickly demurred.

Fast forward to the last several years, and I am amazed at the vast variety of albums offered- for any taste or price range. I looked though many an album examining the paper, the print quality, the cover, and finally found options that I love and feel that best represents blue pony photography. Qt Albums- a small bindery located in the heart of Europe- have elegant albums with a modern-twist that I believe will be timeless and eventually a priceless family heirloom.

Currently, BPP is offering two albums from QT: the AriaBook and the ArtBook . The AriaBooks are printed on the best traditional lab photo paper (Fuji DPII) which is known for its beautiful surface, great color depth, durability and scratch resistance. AriaBooks' pages lay completely flat with an almost invisible gutter line so you can do seamless designs.

The ArtBook is known worldwide for its enduring beauty, classic simplicity and luxury materials.

The super smooth surface of QT's Matte Paper is clean and bright white, providing deep, crisp color and ultra sharp images. The extra weight gives this paper a soft, sumptuous appearance and the pages have a semi-stiff feel to them.

Samples of both albums are available upon request.

Wedding albums New Orleans
Wedding albums New Orleans
Wedding albums New Orleans
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