The elopement vs the micro wedding

Well it sounds redundant to state, but for restraint of hyperbole, 2020 will be one for the books. While postponed, rescheduled, and inconvenienced weddings have caused mental and financial stress as well as anxiety and woe, it is still important to remember that the greater toll on life and health that the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020 has caused. But, alas life moves on, and so does love, marriage, and weddings. And as people do; we change, and we adapt; thus bringing forward, this era's re-imaged elopement and the new-concept of micro wedding has emerged.

An elopement was once thought to be two lovers running away from home to be married by another and themselves. More modern-day elopements tend find a destination, and invite a singular or minimal family members, the best of friends, and an officiant. Instead of last minute-get-out-of-town-got-to-get-married-now affair, these elopements tend to be well planned with a venue, flowers, possibly booze, and definitely a photographer.

Micro weddings, a wedding with fifty guests or less, give couples several directions in which to plan. The event could be a scaled down-version of a previously envisioned or planned wedding. Or it could give couples a chance change things up and try something they otherwise would have tried prior to 2020. Sometimes the budget is smaller. Or the budget might be the same as a traditional wedding, and the couple will instead tend you to use the smaller headcount to splurge on higher-quality food, top-self liquor, even possibly paying for the guests' hotel rooms.

Whatever one chooses or if choosing to wait until the Pandemic quells to have a larger event, remember love is love and is long as you get to marry your best friend, the little things really don't matter in the end.