July 6, 2022

Let's Put An Engagement Session On It! A wedding Photographer tells you why

Why an Engagement session?

  • This is a time in life that needs to be photographed. I've always found nothing is better than the love of two people about to get married. It simply radiates off of them, and this should be captured for eternity.
  • This is a great opportunity for you and your photographer to meet and get to know each other besides via Zoom or on your wedding day. This way your photographer knows your preferences (preferred side and poses) as well as being able to assess how comfortable you are in front of the camera and with posing. He or she can then make adjustments to his or her style prior to your wedding day to capture you both at your most fab!
  • Want to show off your unique style and personality besides on your wedding day? Have a hobby or pet that you two adore and want in your photos? Now is the time bring the dog or your roller skates and makes those engagement photos show you two truly are.

How do I prepare for my engagment session?

  • The first thing I always ask couples is, "Do you know where you would want to take photos?". If they aren't sure or aren't from the area, I start with do you want more a of nature background or city background and go from there. One thought is depending on the location of your wedding venue, you can change up the atmosphere of your engagment photos with an opposite type vibe to help give variety to your photos from this time period.
  • Once you have decided on a locale, the next thing is outfits. In my opinion, nothing too matchy-matchy (Says the woman who got engagment photos 16+ years ago wearing a white sundress with fianc√© in a white polo. Learn from my mistakes). I would say same type of outfit-casual, semi-formal, costumes but not color-coordinated. Think about what makes you and your amour look and feel best and go from there.
  • Another great thing to think of when get dressed for your session is accessories. Rain boot and a clear umbrella if is raining. Sun hats and sunglasses if it is summer and hot. Accessories are great because they give you something to do with your hands and if posed properly, can help add a little lagniappe to the photo in addition to be functional depending upon the weather.
  • Finally shoes. Not the shoes you will be wearing in your photos, but the shoes that will get you to your photos. Nothing is worse that go from spot to spot in shoes such as heels that are making you miserable with each step. Bring something like flats are flip-flops so that you can slip them on and off while moving from location to location during the shoot and not worry about messing up your fab shoes or twisting your fab ankle.